Wednesday, September 28, 2005

wednesday, sunny afternoon, temperature - make it very hot (sizzle.....)

well, here i am... on the 3rd day of my "oh-so-short" 2 weeks holiday, yeap... wasting my time away... sigh... been watching tv (cartoons, actually, can you imagine?! and trust me, you don't wanna know what cartoons i've been watching)... keep telling myself gotta do something more constructive, like cleaning my room, "cold storage-ing" my semester's notes and books... (hmm... nah!! =P) haha... well, at least i've done cleaning after my 2 cute family members, alley & midtwo - me hamsters =) kakakaka... they have been stinking through my 3 weeks of exam =P bad huh?! (wondering how my family survived through these weeks.. hmm =P hehe...)

been (window) shopping for 2 consecutive days (sunday, with elizabeth & monday, with suet voon) hahaha... walked the whole day, well, almost the whole day... exhausted but kinda fun... it's been long since i've done any serious shopping with my friends (haha...) *oh, and who dare says i don't exercise... =P kekeke... you should have seen me power-walking through the mall... muahahaha...*

anyway, i bought this great novel (thanks to suet voon *thumbs up*) during the shopping trip & it was suppose to last me through the hols (well, ok, not the whole hol, but at least 3-4 days...) and i finished the novel in a day (not counting sleep, that would mean less than 24 hours) hai ya yai ya yai... so what now?!

oh, ya... this morning, alley & midtwo got into a fight, both were bleeding (poor gals...) looks kinda bad, good thing it was mostly bluster... they look ok now, but gotta keep them separated. actually they have been wrestling each other for the past few weeks, resulting in little cuts here and there, but not as bad as today. dunno what got into them?!

current time 4.03 pm...
so, that's half of my day gone... (can't believe i'm saying this, but...) gotta go find something to do =P at least to occupy myself... tv would have to wait (grandma's watching her show =P)...

- phing -

Friday, September 23, 2005

- prelude -

trying out my first post, on my first blog...
hmm... head's blank, with nothing in mind and no idea how or where to start

i'm thinking though, why did i ever get a blog in the first place?! (haha...)
guess some of my pals have blogs of their own (filled with really interesting stuff/experiences) so thought, why not, pretty cool to record down the day's happenings (prob like what you'll see on most restaurant's menu - "... of the day"), urm... like keeping a diary of some sort... well, yea, the traditional diary would of course be kept under lock(s) and key(s) away from prying eyes, especially nosy siblings, haha... so, who came out with this great idea of sharing your diary with the whole world (well, at least to the peeps who occasionally stumble into your "territory" =P).
anyway, so here i am now, (literally) stuck with a really "clean" blog, hahaha...
ok, well, this is 1 post done (kekeke)... more posts coming up... enjoy & God bless... =)

- phing -