Saturday, January 28, 2006

cookies anyone?

my second... no, wait... third attempt at baking cookies =) first two was in church last year; a batch for mother's day and another for father's day. anyway... this year made double batch... sorta... a batch yesterday night and another this morning =P hahaha... what to do... small oven...

bought a ready-pack cookie dough (ok, so i cheated >P)... *ahem*... anyway, it was real simple, just mix in butter, an egg, and the cookie dough v(^.^), then 'plant' the 'cookie-lings' on a greased baking tray and put it in a pre-heated oven. how long? no idea =P haha... oven doesn't have a temperature controller. yeap... mom's 'antique' oven... good ol faithful... hahahaha... pre-heated it at high for five minutes and put it on low when i put in the tray. ten minutes later (or until the cookies turns into a darker shade of brown)... wala!! cookies... baked to perfection... *hyuk hyuk hyuk*...

added extra chocolate shavings. gives the cookies extra punch (and extra rush of sugar =P). this chinese new year's gonna be lots of fun =)

a trip down memory lane...
let's see... where should i start... ah yes, christmas!!

my favourite time of the year. been waiting for it since the beginning of the year =P quite a big event this year. had a christmas outreach nite on the 23rd. there were choirs - me included v(^.^), worship, testimony, christmas message & refreshments =) it was quite a nite!! and the best was five people came to accept Christ!! praise the Lord! =)

24th - christmas eve. carolling! guess what... it rained! yup, rain... *ahem!!* not of our singing, mind you. it rained even before we started our visitation to the first house. so, it was more like... *ahem* showers of blessings... *grin*... anyway, despite the rain and all, we had a blast!!

25th - christmas!!! yay!! it's finally here. went to church early that morning, joined by grandma =) started off with worship, then there's choir presenting a christmas cantata, children presentation, instrumental presentation, christmas message, baptism, lunch etc. it was great fun!! after that, back home to prepare for the christmas dinner. dinner was sorta grand =) kinda like a banquet dinner. the dinner was different from the previous years. we had put together four tables to make a long table and everyone was seated around the table. too bad there wasn't a turkey to pass around, but there were chicken though =P haha... turkey was just too expensive. however, the dishes that we had is certainly better than having a turkey. we had chicken, fish fillets, garlic bread, salad, 'xiu yok' (roast pork), sausages, mash potatoes, lasagna, soup, pizza (was suppose to buy mince pie, but the shop ran out of them) and fried mee hon (just in case there wasn't enough to eat, but then, who's kidding who =P haha...) and as you can guess, there were a lot of left overs =P enough for the next day's lunch, haha... anyway, everyone was waiting for the 'sacred ceremony' after dinner - opening the presents!! =)

the thing about christmas is that you wait a whole year for christmas to come and when it's finally here, it'll be over in a day, literally... after that, you go through the whole waiting process again. sigh... how i wish christmas could stay a while longer.

but then, let's not forget the real meaning of christmas. the special gift that God has given to us on this special day. the birth of a messiah. the promise of salvation. Happy Birthday, Jesus!


Friday, January 27, 2006

a new year, a new beginning... well, kinda a late beginning.
oh wow... i haven't been blogging for a long long while. hmm... wonder if i could blog everything within a day?

art attack is currently on tv, disney channel. yup, can't imagine someone my age is still watching cartoons, hahaha... well, cartoons are fun. for one, they do not require any use of the brain to comprehend what was on =P currently in the mood of doing so, not using the brain that is, haha... furthermore, anything is possible with cartoons, i.e you could walk out alive without any scratches even if a tank falls on you =P haha... oh ya, and then there are the characters that are too smart for their own good, i.e give a certain cayote some acme products and you'll be guaranteed really colouful results.

it has been a pretty long week. the days seems so hard to get by. exams started last thursday, and it will be on until the 9th of feb. three papers down and two more to go, can't wait for it to finish. but then, there's still like tonnes that i have yet to study. have you ever been in a situation where there are 2 hours more before the exam starts and how you wish that the exam would start then, you know, before you forget everything that you have miraculously chucked inside your brain at the last minute. but then again, at the same time, you are giving thanks that the exam has not start yet for you feel like there are tonnes more that you need to remember. and then there's a teeny part of you that is wishing against wish that you have somehow gotten the date wrong and that the exam is actaully on the next day =P haha... guess this will never happen. sigh... well, nothing could bring a person down like exams could.

anyway, chinese new year is in 2 days time. and i'm not gonna care about the... the... watwuzzit agin?? ahh... who cares... muahaha... gonna enjoy, enjoy & -JOY!! tah y'all


God bless... =)