Wednesday, July 05, 2006

today's the last day of work for the 2 UM trainees. sigh... i'm really gonna miss them. time really does fly... (let me re-phrase that, i meant...) rocket... no kidding! 3 months + 3 days had passed since i started my training and that is how long i've been working with them. sigh... i guess working now would be kinda dull, without their constant *ahannoyinghem... * but funny antics and jokes. come to think of it, they actually makes working life more bearable... (if my supervisor sees this, she's gonna skin me =P)

*ahem*... anyway, had our last lunch together, "gue pa"-ed at the rm7.50 chicken chop shop, or "hoi lam" as we so fondly called it... haha... there's a story too, as to why we called the shop "hoi lam", maybe i'll save it for some other time =P. there are other shops with special nicknames too, such as "sang meng" (well, not actually a nickname, it's actually a translation from 'life'), "kuen gai" (boxing chicken), "zhong gan" or "ma lai dong" (malay stall situated in the middle of the podium), "dong guai" and so on.

oh, not forgetting they can talk about almost anything. serious! from 'zhou xing chi' (stephen chow the actor) to sports (football mostly) and, you wouldn't believe, physics. yes, physics!! they would make newton proud... haha... one of their hobby during work - one of them would sing and the other would start on the constant hushing. i tell you, the two of them together really make a funny pair.

i guess i'm trying to cramp all this 3 months worth of memory into 1 column; with that much of fond memories and my poor 're-counting' skill, i reckon i'd fail miserably. however, i would surely treasure all these memories and forever remember that i have met these two really great guys from UM =) yy, chinpeng... this column is for u guys. take care and all the best.