Friday, April 18, 2008


我超爱汤的。以前都不觉怎样;有汤就喝, 没也无所谓。可是现在,在这寒冷的天气里,如有一碗热呼呼的汤,那就真的觉得自己很幸福。

不记得从哪听过;一碗汤是没治病的功能,可是,它却能为个生病的人带来温暖,幸福感。那,身体也会较快好起来。突然间,好想念妈妈熬的汤。虽然,妈妈每次熬汤我都没生病,可是,只要是妈妈熬的,那碗汤总觉得很甜,很美味。虽说汤可自己熬,可是怎么熬,总觉缺乏一种味道。可能这就是他们所说的 “妈妈的味道” 吧。所以说呢,不曾失去就不懂得珍惜啰。哈哈。

现在,值得安慰的是,每一个星期在工作那儿,至少都有一碗汤喝。不是味精汤喔,是用真材实料熬出来的哟。想不到,我竟然可以在这儿找到小幸福 :) 真的好感动。


"疲乏的人,我使他饱饫。愁烦的人,我使他知足" - 耶利米书 31:25


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"do you love Me?"

i remember a statement which goes something like this, "sometimes dying for Christ is easier than living for Him". i remember also, agreeing with this statement, though not in practical terms.

these past weeks, i've been having issues with a friend of mine. i'm not too sure whether who am i mad at more, him or myself. the thing is, he is not even aware that i am mad at him. i have been dropping hints here and there that i do not really agree with the things that he does, but somehow, it doesn't really get through the thick head of his. at times, i really felt like screaming at him and giving his behind a good, hard kick.

so, why didn't i just tell him straight? i don't know. it's not that easy. there are other factors to consider, like another of my friend who's involved in this. if i told him off, then it would be selfish on my part. sometimes i wish i could just be that selfish and not care.

"we bear the image of Christ. whatever we do, whatever actions we take, it reflects God", i remember telling this to my sunday school kids. maybe this is the reason why i care. and maybe this is why i'm finding it harder and harder to live, as Christ would me.

i remember one night, i was fuming and have been avoiding him, just in case i did something i'd really regret. i had my earphones on, listening to some music and trying to fall asleep. i remember a line of a song that was playing, "Jesus i love you" it sang repeatedly. four simple words and yet at that moment, i felt like i can't even say the words without blatantly lying. somehow, at that moment, i felt like Jesus was talking to me, asking me, "do you love me?", "if you love me, love him, because i love him". "i know you love him Lord, but it's so hard for me right now. it's so hard." my tears were pouring. but all i felt was Jesus' gentle words, repeating, "if you love me, love him, because i love him".

i have learned to forgive him but this doesn't mean that now i agree with what he does. i still don't. but, at least now i know i have a fruit of the spirit growing healthily within me - PATIENCE. and only God knows how much i need it.

"for to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain." - philippians 1:21


Sunday, April 06, 2008


it was pretty exciting, considering this is only the second time that we (me & my mates) experienced ACTUAL snow. we've had our fair share of hailstones ;P

"He has made ever
ything beautiful in its time..." - ecclesiastes 3:11