Tuesday, April 18, 2006

aarrghhh... my throat hurts. feels like there's a big ball stuck in it. might be infection. hmm... shouldn't have eaten the packet of chips last night =P yesterday was still ok, no sore throat or anything, although i did get abit nauseas after dinner (if u wanna know... a fair warning first... i did puke). my head was spinning right before i left work. the spinning was on and off and on and off and on... dad said it might be something i ate and caused the infection (dad's kinda holding mom responsible on having the leftovers as dinner, haha...) *ahem... ouch!* anyway, i don't think that's what caused my throat to "balloon" up

conscience: "hello, this is your conscience speaking... i told you so!!" sigh...

*i digress...* today was suppose to be the dateline for the modules that i'm working on. my supervisor's gotta be thinking, "this girl ar... know today's the dateline, summore never come work. must be purposely one arr..." haha... sorry... actually she's not so bad =) i'm just hoping that she doesn't think that i'm faking the whole thing, you know, just so i could get out of submitting my modules =P *ouch!*

right now, i don't feel like eating, don't even feel like opening my mouth. i wonder what am i gonna do with that big pot of porridge? anyone would like some? it's got clams, crab meat, mushrooms... *uurrggh... queasy... uurrgghh...*


Sunday, April 16, 2006

happy easter =)

ok, so it's 11.01 (pm)... the day's not done yet... har har...

anyway, today was great!! the 2nd best day i like in a year, the other'd be christmas =) the practices for choir kinda paid off (note the kinda). every other peeps in the choir was great! me being in the midst of the altos, they (the other altos) were exceptionally good, cause that's the only part i could hear, haha... me? it's either i couldn't remember the words or singing the wrong notes *paiseh...* but then, it's not that bad actually. at least i've found myself a new profession - lip sync. wahahaha... *kembang*

this year's baptism candidates banyak! as in un-usually banyak! eleven in all. not that i'm complaining. NO! on the contrary, i'm really(x3) happy for all of them. congrats to all! =) why i think banyak? cause during my time... (haha... ok, so not a good example to compare with) there were only 4 (or was it 5...), including myself. *ahem...* so, aa-nee-weaii... i'm overjoyed, ecstatic, happy, thrilled, elated (etc) upon their proclamation of faith =) haha... weird... felt like i'm the one sitting in the cold(x2) water.

ooo... too bad my camera's broken (aarrgh...) gotta those photos!! the group photo this year was really grand =) most of us (youths. well, can't really consider myself a youth anymore, however i want to... sniff... =P) are in black-&-white. smart! =) seriously smart.

the fact that easter brings hope, love, forgiveness and abundant life, today's truly a day for celebration. in all, today's a really HAPPY day! =)

dear Jesus, thank you for Your love, for Your sacrifice and for Your resurrection. Amen.


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

just came back from choir practice. ah... feels good to be back in church. it's been long since i've been to church. haha... ok, so it's just 2 sundays; somehow it felt longer =P yeap, practicing for easter; it's this sunday!!

have been really busy in the past week. started the industrial training. first week was kinda hectic, juggling my time between work, final year project and seminar (or thesis). sigh... industrial training would be much nicer without the final year project and seminar. why can't the college just make it a semester for industrial training and another for final year project? sigh...

anyway, (i repeat) easter is this sunday. since the "grave" visit last saturday, have been doing some thinking. what's next? after death. after being buried six-feet under. after the soul left the body? as a christian, i knew what Jesus had done for me; actually, He did it for all. yeap, for YOU too (who happens to be reading this). i know where i'd be, if i were to leave tomorrow or today or even the very next minute. God promised eternal life for those who believe in Him.

for gong gong and po po (dad's parents), they never believed. felt really sad when i was at their grave. kept thinking about the promise that they never receive. they never heard. i don't know, kinda blaming myself for not having the courage to tell them about this wonderful promise. as for ye ye (mom's dad), he accepted Christ just before he passed away. God bless his soul. at least i know that he is in heaven =)

one thing i noticed in the grave yard was there were two types of grave. one, which is really beautiful, i mean really beautiful; elaborately decorated, tiled, looking as grand as ever, looking like they'd cost (easily) more than a car. a person could actually live there! another would be old, run down, not maintained, comparatively cheaper and maybe even forgotten grave. makes me wonder, how does one "enjoy" the grand and luxurious piece of land when they are buried six-feet under?

question to ponder: what's next after life?
to those who are still wondering...

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him. -John 3:16-17

In reply Jesus declared, "I tell you the truth, no one can see the Kingdom of God unless he is born again." - John 3:3

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." - John 14:6

a trip back to taiping: mom & dad's hometown (8-9 apr '06)

the entrance - dad's old home

mangosteen tree


wild flowers

aloe vera

a grave side of the trip...

gong gong & popo's grave

mom & dad

ye ye's grave

tribute to the soldiers...


Sunday, April 02, 2006

she stood there waiting. looking anxiously amongst the crowd of people. she walked around looking, searching. then, she quickened her steps. there in a distance, a figure ran towards her; tall, lean, clad in a smart uniform and topped with a cap. he reached her. took off his cap, smiled and mouthed the word, "Mom."

he hugged her. she hold onto him. she didn't want to let go. tears were streaming down her face. he looked behind her, saw an older man approaching. he smiled and called out, "Dad."

dad couldn't be more proud of him, seeing him in his uniform. his son, now a man.
me... all i could do was stand there, waging war against the tears...

my 'lil bro...

now a man