Tuesday, May 22, 2007

zoo was fun

no, seriously...

despite the stink and most of the animals were like malas want to layan us, still there are some that had 'unintentionally' humoured us, esp. the baby wild boars. haha. they are just adorable! oh, ivy, juz remembered, you forgotten to take picture with the ostrich =P haha. anyway, it rained. never thought i'd see the zoo on a rainy day. it was pretty cool. it got even 'cooler' (temperature wise as well as expression) when we're on the shuttle to get to the exit. and yeah, we were wet, esp. me and ivy. got the best seat, i mean stand, in the shuttle, helped shelter the others from the rain. so kind of us =P anyway, you could imagine what everyone smelt like, esp. when everyone's cramped in my little car. smelled like we took the whole zoo with us, the stink anyway. haha.

after that went for lunch. make that really late lunch. had yong tau fu in ampang. it's halal! can you imagine! anyway, getting there was kinda eventful, getting out of there was even more eventful. not bad, considering that we get to tour around kl.

the photos will have to wait; need some editing here and there =P oh, hannah, ivy, i want the photos!! haha. anyway, thank you guys (namely andrew, ivy, hannah & tim) for a great day =)

*** rewind back to sunday ***

my gratitude towards all the sunday school teachers (esp mun wai) for the luncheon on sunday & the gift. it was really cool. nearly cried. haha. not so much as to the adhoc speech that i needed to come up with, but all the advices and well-wishers of you guys. thanx guys, really appreciate them =)

oh, & i cut my hair.


can't believe i'm leaving next week! got me just now while i was driving home. i'm gonna miss everyone & everything (haha). somehow all the farewells felt like it's the last time that i'm gonna see you guys *sniff... sniff...* anyway, just to make it more bearable, i'm just gonna be missing 1 (or maybe 2) christmas with you guys... waaaaaahhhh...

anyway, remember to miss me ya =P