Tuesday, October 25, 2005

3 easy steps to make lasagna:
1. cook the sauce - meat, tomatoes, pasta sauce, etc...
2. layer - lasagna sheet, sauce, cheese, sheet, sauce, cheese, sheet, sauce, cheese... (u'll get the idea...) - seal in aluminium foil
3. then steam... (yup, steam... hahaha.... no kidding...)

ok, here's wat happened...
finally gotten myself into making good use of the lasagna sheets that were cold-storaged in the freezer. did the 2 easy-to-follow steps, then chunk the whole lot into the oven.
and what did u know... the oven went on "strike"!! oh... of all the days to choose to go on a strike, it has to be today!! now what... think... think... (steam?) no, not yet. called my aunt for help (to borrow her oven to be precise). guess what, she's not in!! oh, great... what now?! steam? might work.
so, ended up steaming the lasagna (for 30 mins *) haha... anyway, it turned out ok. not bad... not bad at all...

*note: for better results, steam for 40-45 mins, or until the lasagna sheets soften; (optional) top with grated cheese (parmesan, mozzarella, etc)... enjoy... =)


Thursday, October 20, 2005

am i crazy or just plain paranoid?

alarm went off @ 5.45am (again)
got up @ 6.10am (again)
got out of the house @ 6.40am
reached college @ 7.25am
class doesn't starts till 9am!!

so, now... here i am, killing time in the college computer lab (again). SIGH...
why so early? as i said, i wanna beat the jam.
traffic jams... oh, how i hate them!!

- phing -

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

been a while since i've last updated my blog (11 days to be exact)...

am in college computer lab now, having 2 whole hours to kill. got nothing better to do, so came here to update my blog =P

college started for 2 weeks already, today's my 2nd week 3rd day of college. today's class started at 8am, earliest class of the week. basically my day started out like this: alarm went off at 5.45am, but only managed to get my butt out of bed at 6.10am (bad... bad... bad... =P) got out of the house at 6.30am (why so early? to avoid jam =\) & reached college at around 7.15am. stayed in my car for another 15mins (listening to the radio - htz.fm, ruddy & jj prank-calling someone) before getting out. class started around 8.10am (according to my time =P) and ended at 9am. next class is at 11am. so, here i am now...

oh, pass-fail list (for sept '05 exams) came out yesterday. I PASSed all my subjects!! praise the Lord!! =) couldn't believe it, thought i did pretty badly =P haha... anyway, that was just a tiny part. wait till the actual results come, only then will i start to worry =P kakaka...

what else... oh ya, wondering whether should i opt for industrial training next semester or stay in college for the other 2 subjects. am enjoying the idea of not working... kakaka... opinions received - dad: go (for the experience), mom: you decide, aunt: (after i explained the pros and cons) no need go, concentrate on study, what more will be having final year project, if go then must rush project (something like that). sigh... decisions.. decisions.. decisions.. oh, how i hate them =P

- phing -

Friday, October 07, 2005

waiting... waiting... and still waiting...

sitting around as i count the days by... hmm... what have i done? anything worth remembering or being remembered for? tick tock tick tock, time waits for no man...

holidays' fun and all, but holidays with nothing to do gives a whole new dimension to fun. it's nice just to sit around and relax, watch abit of tv, or read a good book with a steaming hot cup of milo by your side (hmm... suddenly i feel so old =\ haha...) anyway, this is what i craved for during my semester, in the midst of junggling my time between assignments, studying and exams. however, overdoing it would really make you sick! not to mention your mind go psyched! (i.e thinking you'd rather do another assignment than sitting around and do nothing =P haha...)

part of me is all hyped-up about going back to college soon, part of me is still holding back, dreading the day. hmm... it boggles the mind how 2 completely opposite feeling can go together; like a love-and-hate relationship. anyway, i'm pretty much prepared for it (i think =P) so college, here i come!!

- phing -

Thursday, October 06, 2005

i was inspired to take a photo of each day as i see it. i started doing this a few days ago, went around the house, snapping pictures with my camera. at first it was just a way for me to kill time, after a while, i got hooked!! i just couldn't help myself!!

it was pretty cool, especially when you see the differences between what you'd see through your own eyes and what you'd see through the camera lense (with the effects and all, i.e "cool" blurry effects =P kakaka...)

the colours, vibrant and dull at the same time; clear blue sky, or sky with shades of gray, or with hues of red and orange; dew drops on leaves and grass; rainbow; different arrays of light from sun up til sun down. the ability to see all these (and more, of course) is something i'm really thankful for.

how many are Your works, o Lord!
in wisdom You made them all;
psalm 104:24

- phing -

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

tuesday, cloudy, temperature - hot!
(starting to understand why people start with this, especially when you have no idea how or where to start =\)

monday's log

yay!!! finally!! there, i've did it! i've cleaned up my room & "cold storaged" my notes and textbooks, muahahaha... yeap, cleaned up the mess, tidy up my table, dusted & vacuumed *grin...* what great way to start the week =P kakaka... after that, back to do what i do best - nothing =P hahaha... (nah!!...)

nothing much happened today (except for the 2 hrs room cleaning, kakaka...), stayed at home the whole day, downloaded some songs, & yeah, writing this (=P). actually, was planning to go out and get some books (novels, to be precise =P just love 'em...) since i've finish reading the latest ones that i've bought (1 novel & 2 comics, haha... yeap, all within a week), but was feeling kinda lazy =P haha... so will only go get them tomorrow. this is bad, i'm getting hooked on reading novels. why can't i have half the passion in reading my school books?!... nah!!... that wouldn't be normal... kakakaka... =P

gotten pretty bored, so, went around snapping photos again... i really ought to find something better to do =\ hmm... guess i've got myself a new hobby...

*why didn't i post yesterday's log yesterday?! no idea... =P


so, here's today... again... nothing much happened, saw a dead moth though =P
yup, went around taking pictures again...

ok... ok... i'm bored stiff!! i can't believe i'm saying this, but i can't wait to go back college (more precise, i can't wait to go back college and meet all my pals, and learn stuff =P). sitting around the whole day and do nothing is really challenging =\ haha...

oh, i did say i was going out to get books today, never went though... sigh... don't ask why... =P
mom would be on off tomorrow, maybe then i could go out =)

- phing -

Saturday, October 01, 2005

friday. sigh... another 2 more days and that will be another week gone, which means another week to enjoy myself before going back to college. SIGH...

*note to self: must enjoy self, must enjoy self, must enjoy self...*

thursday(yesterday)’s log
morning – sunny, afternoon – rain, night – clear sky... been out the whole day with anong, had some shopping done (or should i say power-walking), muahahaha... this time actually bought something *grin...* saw some pretty cool bags and shoes, too bad don’t have enough $$. had mcd for lunch (make that a really early lunch), yeap, getting ready and charging up before doing our serious power-walk, haha... so, basically was out the whole day, got back home @ about 8pm.

oh, forgotten to call my grandma to tell her i’d be late, got her waiting the whole evening worried, sigh... felt kinda bad =( she was worried sick and did no have dinner until i got back home... sigh... bad... bad... bad...

*note to self: remember to call home if going home late*

currently it’s 5.14pm, and the sky’s clear now. was dark at about 4.30 and drizzling. have got nothing better to do, so went out to my front porch and snapped some photos with my new camera phone =P

*note to self: go find something better to do*

- phing -