Friday, August 18, 2006

can i stay here forever?
by Starfield

through forgotten convictions
misplaced affections
i'm losing the sound of Your voice
i've been chasing after emptiness
trying to tidy up this mess
i swear i've been down this road before
i want to get back to where it all began
when i would long for only You

like a child i'll take You at Your word
as these mountains of doubt, they fade away
i'm longing to trust and love You more
so for me this is beautiful
a brand new thought, and a brand new world
can i stay here forever here with You?

i've lost sight of what first drew me
to the love that pursued me
the joy that inspired my song
the friendship that was all i knew
the arms that i would fall into
seem miles and years from where i am today
i got to get back to where it all began
when i would wait for only You

can i stay here forever
here with You?
surrounded by Your mercy
clothed in Your truth
always, i'll stay
always here with You

can i be here forever
here with You?
can i know what it's like
to deeply love You?
always, Lord, let me stay
always, here with You


Thursday, August 17, 2006

guess what i did today? or better yet, guess what i wore today? to work. my shirt was ok. had my hair up. pant's not bad too. and so that leaves... yeap, the shoes. accidentally wore my slippers to work! it was pretty humiliating. but considering myself lucky, i had on my long slacks, so it kinda covers abit of my slippers. sigh... i didn't notice i was wearing my slippers until i'm reaching office.

i guess it's kinda a habit. previously, i drove to work. then, one day, my bro got his driving license and i found myself a chauffeur... my dad (though, thanks dad =)). anyway, was so used to wearing my slippers to drive to work, and only change to my other working 'gear*' when i reach office. oh, and i can't believe i actually miss driving. i know i used to complain alot about the traffic and so on, but now i actually miss them. sigh...

heard on the radio (on my way to work) about the security on an atm machine. it was quite interesting. according to them (the djs), somewhere in the european countries, people are using thumb prints instead of your usual card and pin to withdraw money. however, it's still at a preliminary stage. more research are to be done on this technology and additional features and enhancements, such as self-cleaning the thumb print scanner (coz you don't know what a person touched before putting his/her thumb on the thing =P) and so on. anyway, it kept me thinking. i heard this story (not sure about the authenticity though) about a man owning a car (i think it was a merz) and this car requires the owner's thumb print in order to start. as the story goes, a robber came by with the intention of stealing the man's car. because of the 'unique' requirement in starting the car, the robber chopped off the man's thumb before driving the car off! gruesome... yea... thugs these days would do anything to get money. just look at the robbery cases happened 2 weeks ago at tar college (*ahem* =P). it's bad enough that the robbers robbed the students of their things, but do they have to slash them too. fyi, one was seriously injured and in hospital while the other died. sad huh? guess that's the world today. ok, i've side tracked... anyway, i'm not denying that atm with these features and technologies are cool, but i guess there are other things that should be taken into consideration before implementation.

i digress... heard a really good definition of rich and poor (on the radio too). not in the exact words, but, hey... they were spoken in mandarin. and my translating skills are not that 'refined' =P ok, anyway, being rich is not measured by how much (money or material things) a person has, and being poor is not measured by how little a person has either. being rich is simply to be able to see all that one already has, and being poor is simply keep seeing what one does not have. i admit, not as good as when it sounded on the radio, but the meaning's there, you just have to take time to disect and digest =P


* not sure how one would to call them, it's not high heels and not sandals either. it's one of those strappy, flip-flop kinda shoes. oh, i'm not good with them anyway, the only shoes i know are slippers, sandals and sports shoes =P they're still da best! =)

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

reached office really early today. grabbed a copy of the newspaper before heading towards the coffee shop. after buying breakfast, i sat down at a corner and began flipping through the paper as i ate. a man then approached me, asking: "excuse me, miss, but where did you get that paper?" i looked up, pointed at the direction where the news stand is located and answered, "there..." and the man butted in and said, "really? eh? no more already..." (well, ok... can't remember what his exact words were, but they meant something like that)

don't mean anything? well, here's more:
i. the stack of newspapers arrived just as i reached the office's perimeter (saw the newspaper man delivering them)
ii. i'm (literally) the first to grab a paper from the stack
iii. they're free (btw)
iv. the time between me grabbing the paper and the man asking me the question is less than 5 minutes!

what's wrong with people today? even if something's free it doesn't mean that you have to take the whole stack (or bunch or whatever that applies)!! i mean, c'mon, it's not as if they're all different or even if they are, you're not possibly gonna read every single 1 of them.

ok, at least that's something "interesting" from work today. anyway, i digress... lately i acquired this superb reflex of pressing ctrl+s for no particular reason. i guess that's what you'll get for staring into the computer and typing non-stop for more than 8 hours a day. and i think being paranoid has a part in it too. i know computers won't just malfunction for no particular reason (unless of course, your colleague's long legs are conveniently and constantly moving about near the power supply or your computer hangs one too many times or your loose network cable is constantly removing itself from the network port or the ms words application just closes for no particular reason or...) *ahem...* anyway, at least i get a few nano seconds of 'me' time waiting for the computer to save whatever that needed (unecessary =P) saving. other reflexes soon to come - ctrl+v, ctrl+c, ctrl+x, and ctrl+z (in that order)


Saturday, August 05, 2006

got these from 'the plain truth' mag
really cool stuff... keeps you thinking... for a while =)

anonymous sayings:

wisdom is in the head, not in the beard

the best way to face trouble is to face it

a diamond is just a piece of coal that made good under pressure

a friend is somebody you can be quiet with

a smile goes a long way but you have to start it on its journey

God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it in the nest

the ladder of success may now be an elevator, but it's still self-service

a good listener is a silent flatterer

sight is a faculty; seeing is an art

freedom is the right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong

before you decide on your aim in life, check your ammunition

the wisdom of life is to endure what we must and to change what we can

love lives in cottages as well as in castles

in golf as in life it's the follow-through that makes the difference

on a tombstone in chattanooga: "i came into this world without my consent and left in the same manner"

every minute starts an hour and every minute is a new opportunity. each time the clock ticks, you have a chance to start over; to say, do think, or feel something in such a way that you and the world are better for it.

ever did something which you regret instantly?
i did...