Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ok, it's official.

1. i seriously have no imagination whatsoever
2. my brain's art department has been shut down
3. i'm gonna be so dead

hopefully whatever brain-juices that's left could last me until the end of the week.
i need re-fill.


Monday, October 02, 2006

if you've missed saturday's concert, you better go knock your head against the wall =P nah, just kidding. last friday and saturday was the international worship music festival. it was awesome!! =)

too bad i missed the friday's concert by the florida team =( *wait while i go knock my head against the wall...* =P

anyway, saturday was great too. had a bigger group, with the klang valley baptist churches combined with the florida team. conducted by none other than camp kirkland himself and terry williams =) oh, and the orchestra team was superb! sigh... it was really beautiful

painful lesson learnt last year, NEVER EVER EVER wear high heels during the performance =P this year wore my black sneakers instead. though comfortable, but my legs were killing me after the 2+ hours of standing straight. and after holding my black folder in the same position for 2+ hours, i could not feel my left arms anymore =P but all these were nothing compared to the 'high' i've got singing my lungs out =) and i don't mind doing i again though, coz it's really wonderful to sing about His glory and His wonderful love =)

another thing worth remembering about is that dad actually came! praise the Lord =) mom did a great job in pulling dad along though, haha... it's been really good to see him there. not sure whether he enjoyed watching the concert or not, coz he's not much of a going-to-concert type. but the fact that he was actually there listening and watching was really amazing. hopefully the message had touched his heart =)

sorry if i am just blabbering along but i've spent the whole morning and afternoon writing my report and my brain kinda stop functioning in the vocab department =P but the past few days has been really awesome! =)