Friday, January 19, 2007

by Brian Littrell

clip from Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ

for just a moment
i wish i could have been there
to see Your first step, hear Your very first word
tell me, did You ever fall and scrape Your knee?
did You know Your wounds would one day heal the world?

for just one moment
i wish i could have seen You growing
learning the ways of a carpenter's son
just a little boy gazing at the stars
did You remember creating every one?
if You passed by, would i have seen a child or a king?

would i have known?
i wish i could have been there
my only wish is to see You, face to face
wish i could have been there
just to see You, Jesus, face to face

for just a moment
i wish i could have been there
when You left Your footprints upon the waves
to walk along beside You and never look away
just Your whisper and the wind and sea obey
to see You feed the people
to feel Your healing in Your touch

i wish i could have been there
my only wish is to see You, face to face
wish i could have been there
just to see You, Jesus, face to face

to hear You pray in the garden alone
laying down Your will with each tear
to see You walk that lonely road
willing to die for me
and in that moment
i know i should have been there
You took my cross and gave Your life
and You live again, oh
and You live again!

wish i could have been there
my only wish is to see You rise again
wish i could have been there
my only wish is to see You, Jesus, face to face

someday i'll be there, i'm gonna be there
i'll see Your face, Your mercy, Your grace
someday, someday
i'm going to see You, Jesus
face to face

it's time...
for updating =)

let's see, last post is in nov '06, currently is jan '07, hmm... not bad, i thought it has been longer, but anyway... backtrack to last nov... err... starting from new year =P

31st counting down to new year
had bbq =) not such a bad way to end the year. didn't feel like the year had ended though, didn't even realize it was already 12am; and by 12.02am (i'm guessing), jullian started saying happy new year. yup, then only i knew the year has ended.

new year's resolutions:
> shed some pounds -has been since who knows when, kakaka...
> canon in d!! -though might need new guitar =P not enough frets in the current
> be a better teacher =)

fyp no more!
yup, finally submitted my dreaded final year project!! woohoo... should have submitted long ago, but then, something happened... (to be continued... don't u hate this, yeah, me 2 =P)

christmas '06
yay!! my favourite season in the year =) not much has changed; choir, eve-nite celebration (replacing carolling). oh, had the most candidates for baptism =) 19 in all!! well, not many to some, but for us it's the biggest number ever coz usually we only have an average of 5. hopefully a bigger number in the years to come. congrats to all the baptism candidates. i imagine the heavens must be ringing with choruses of praise and celebration =)

prayers needed
my grand-aunt is stricken with cancer and it's kinda critical now. she was supposed to come to our house and celebrate christmas together, but then she was too weak to leave the house. at first the cancer was in the colon and healed, but now the cancer has spread to the whole of her liver. i'm thankful though, she had said the sinner's prayer and received Christ as her Saviour. praise the Lord. please pray for her & her family. pray also that in this time God would use her and lead her family to Christ.

laptop crashed!!
aarrgghhh!! my worst nightmare has been realized. didn't know what happened. the morning i was still using the laptop to send and copy stuff to my supervisor, then at night, it can't run windows! it got to the blue screen; in other words, i can kiss all my stuff goodbye (T.T)

what to do but to send the laptop for service. the service centre was super lousy.
1st, they take 3 days to diagnose what's wrong with my laptop, then they called up to ask for approval to continue with repairs because it costs quite a substantial amount (and i said ok), then i called back a week later asking for the laptop and they said it was still pending for approval (oh my goodneess!!! apparently the person who took my call previously didn't set whatever from pending to approve or something and so, it's still waiting for my approval!! no, i'm not gonna swear, though i really felt like giving them a piece of my mind) so, *sabar... sabar...* fine, i gave them another week. actually dad called up (not sure when), scolded (i guess, not sure, mom told me) some guy and they said, "ok, next day can collect!" sure enough, they called the next day and told me my laptop was ready for collection. yay for dad!! haha...

2nd, the fee. they charged 100 for labour, 370 for who knows what, and an additional 80 because i requested backup (80 for backup is fair enough). at first they told me the bill would be 80, so i thought, ok (though i know it's too good to be true). dad blew a fuse when i told him 80 for backup, haha, coz previously he kept telling me to backup all my stuff into the home pc. guess, i deserved it =( after that, they called and along came the other costs. what can i do but to say yes. sigh... so, 550 in all, my 1 month and 2 days salary... gone... i'm guessing the 370 has something to do with the new harddisk they changed for me; 370 for 40gb harddisk, according to my friend, that's the price of the harddisk 3 years ago.

3rd, they didn't backup the essential stuff, like my documents(!!!). they backed up some of the programs, which it's fine, but none as important as my documents(!!!). and i'm beginning to think that i shouldn't have wasted my $$ by sending it to repair; the reason that i sent for repair is so that my works and documents could be saved. anyway, what done is done.

luckily i have a copy of my fyp at elle's place, not up-to-date, but better than nothing. thanks elle, you're a life-saver =) so, as mentioned, i managed to finish & submit my fyp, though it's long overdued, but thank God for understanding supervisor =)

more recent event: seafood & fireflies @ kuala selangor

upcoming events:
  • final exam (in a week's time)
  • genting (maybe)
  • prom nite
  • chinese new year
  • find a job (hopefully)
  • uk, here i come...