Monday, August 04, 2008

a serving of 'to-nies'

i seemed to have forgotten why i don't bake anymore. it's not that the end product [usually] doesn't come out right [or the way that it's supposed to] (well, maybe a tiny part of it might be the reason. but then again, the whole process of waiting and anticipating what it would turn out more than made up for the probable disappointment in the end :P) so, why don't i bake anymore? it's the washing up.

utensils everywhere (somehow during the whole process, i used more utensils than needed), there are flour everywhere, the spills and all that. urgh... just the mess itself more than put me off baking. never again. not in the near future anyway.

anyway, the brownie came out tasting like tofu and the marshmallows disappeared (or melted and became the gooey, sticky stuff on the brownie). so, i ended up with something that looked like a dark brown block of cheese (what with all the holes where the marshmallows are supposed to sit) that tastes as bland as tofu. now i understand the reasoning behind the WHOLE lot of sugar intended in the recipe. and i thought i was doing a WHOLE lot of good in reducing my sugar intake :\

anyway, my housemates were really cool. they actually tried the 'to-nies' (as it is now fondly called by my friends for its tofu-ly taste) without gagging while putting on a straight face. bless them! :)

i guess this reminds me that life is not always sweet. and when life tastes bland or even bitter, i still have reasons to rejoice and be thankful for, and on the top of my list - my family and my friends.

"give thanks in all circumstances..." - 1 thessalonians 5:18


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